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Microprocesador: R4200 MIPS a 93.75 Mhz
Coprocesadores: 7 CO-PROCESADORES.
Paleta de Colores: 32 Bits
Colores en Pantalla: 16.8 Millones
Resolución: 256x224 - 640x480 PIXELS
Canales de Audio: 64
The Nintendo 64 is the lastest Nintendo Console, it arrives in the year 1996, and its powerfull 64 bits Processor have allowed us to enjoy great games like The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Castlevania 64, Turok 2... However, the prize of the Cartdridge games is more expensive than the CDs of other Consoles like Playstation, so the N64 haven´t Sell as much consoles as Sony Playstation.

The Nintendo 64 Emulation practically Born in January 1999 with the first working Nintendo 64 Emulator EVER, This emulator was ULTRAHLE, it RUN comercial games at a decent speed and with FULL sound. Now There are some others emulators that can Play comercial Games, they are Nemu64, TRWin and the N64 Virtual Machine.

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