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02-16-2000 Today a BIG one, First of all, I have Uploaded over 30 Genesis/Mega Drive ROMS, They are For Example Games Like: Ball z, Castlevania, Flinstones, Insector x, Lion King, Out Run, Punisher, Turtles V: Tournament Figther, Wonder Boy 3, X-Men, Dracula, Aladdin, Art Of Figthing....., But This isnīt all, because I have Upload the new 1.21 version of DGEN (a genesis/mega Drive Emulator For Windows). And Of course Neo-Geo ROMS, this time 6 new ones:Agressors Of Dark Kombat, Cyber Lip, Double Dragon, Neo Cup 98, Kabuki Klax and Goal Goal Goal. Finally I have Added a MAME game (because someone ask me for it), it is Batman. Itīs All For now.

02-14-2000 Well, After a Long weekend of Relax,I Have uploaded more Neo-Geo Games for You, they are: Art Of Figthing 1, King Of Figthers 95, Neo Turf Masters, Ninja Masters, Super Side Kicks 2 and World Heroes 1.

02-11-2000 Today I have Updated the MAME section with 12 new games, they are: F1 Grand Prix, World Court, Perfect Soldier, Splash, Tehkan World Cup, Shadow Dancer, Road Blaster, Riot City, Power Spikes, Pang, Pacman y Tetris.Go and Download them while they are hot.

02-09-2000 Well, I have Continued Uploading Neo-Geo ROMS, and This is Time For 2 BIG ones, they are: Metal Slug X and Samurai Shodown 4, But I Havenīt Forgotten RAINE, and I have Upload one of the NEw roms for the 0.28f Version, This time is Puzzle Booble 4. I have Uploaded version 0.36 Beta 15 Of MAME for Windows9x, because maybe you prefer this one to The DOS version. Lastly I want to Say that you can access The Page ina a new and Faster URL, the New Adress is:

02-06-2000 Today like the day Before Yesterday, I have Upload 6 new Neo-Geo ROMS, for download, And They are 30 now, They are: Art Of Fighting 3, Neo Drift Out, Super Side Kicks 1, Super Side Kicks 4, Waku Waku 7 and World Heroes 2. Enjoy Them.

02-04-2000 More Neo-Geo ROMS today 6 in total, They are: Last Blade 2, Samurai Shodown, Soccer Brawl, Trash Rally, World Cup 96 y World Heroes 2 Jet, so go and download them.

02-03-2000 Well, A BIG UPDATE, I Have Added 13 New RAINE roms, 10 new MAME roms, and 9 ne NEOGEO roms. So go and download them.

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