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Text Version

Microprocesador: Motorola 68000 a 12.5 Mhz
Coprocesadores: Z80 (sonido)
Paleta de Colores: 65536
Colores en Pantalla: 4096
Resolución: 320x240 PIXELS
Canales de Audio: 7 Digitales y 8 FM
The Neo-geo was the more powerfull Console some years ago, It had perfect SNK ARCADE conversions, games like Wind Jammer, Soccer Super Browl, Fatal Fury, King Of Figthers or Metal Slug. However this console and their games was very expensive, so only a few people could buy it, Then the Neo-Geo CD appears, it was cheaper than the Neo-Geo, But it Could Not Compete With the Saturn, Playstation or Nintendo 64.

The Neo-Geo emulation is recent, However is very advanced, and we can play all the Neo-Geo Games with full Sound in our Computers. But some effects (like Raster Effects) are not emulated so, games like Super Side Kicks Saga, have some problems.

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