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Text Version

Microprocesador: Motorola 68000
Coprocesadores: 4 COPROCESADORES
Paleta de Colores: 16 Bits
Colores en Pantalla: ???
Resolución: ???
Canales de Audio: ???
The Atari Jaguar was the First 64 Bits Console in the World, However it have a 16 Bit Bus that speed down the console. This console didnīt have too much success, because it had a very High Prize, and it didnīt have Too Many Games, But it Have Some Great Games like Tempest 2000, Alien Vs Predator, Doom...

The Atari Jaguar donīt Have an Emulator at This Time, However there are Two Emulators in The Works And they look pretty good, So, Maybe soon We can enjoy with the Games of This Great Console.

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