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Microprocesador: 65C816 NINTENDO a 3.58 Mhz
Coprocesadores: 2 Chips de vídeo (PPV1 y PPV2) y 2 de audio.
Paleta de Colores: 32.768
Colores en Pantalla: 256
Resolución: 512x448 PIXELS
Canales de Audio: 8
The Super Nintendo was introduced in 1991, and with its incredibles 16 Bits, and the great quality of it games, it begans soon the most selled 16 Bit console in the World. A big Part of this success was based in the great titles that apeared for the SNES, games like Super Mario World,Street Figther 2,Zelda,Donkey Kong Country...

Today the Super Nintendo is one of the best emulated consoles, not only the console , even the sound, some graphic effects and some special chips are emulated, like the FX chip in Starwing, DSP chip in Mario Kart or SA-1 chip in Super Mario RPG.

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