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Text Version

Microprocesador: Motorola 68000 a 8 Mhz
Coprocesadores: 1 Chip de Video (VDP).
Paleta de Colores: 256
Colores en Pantalla: 64
Resolución: 320x224 PIXELS
Canales de Audio: 6
The Mega Drive, was called Genesis in EEUU. He was released in 1989, and was the First 16 Bit Console. It Brings a Revolution in the Video Games Market, and sold a lot of Units, with great games like Sonic, Streets Of rage, Ecco The Dolphing or the Fifa International Soccer Serie.

The Mega Drive/Genesis emulation is now practically Stoped, only One emulator (DGEN) is in the works, However other emulators has a very High Level, So we can Fully Enjoy All the Genesis/Mega Drive games even with FULL Sound.

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